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The working principle of processing organic waste

The working principle of processing organic waste 
The purpose of this article is to introduce the recycling process and principles of waste vegetables and fruits, namely organic waste.
Whether it is composting or feed production, the technical development direction of waste vegetable and fruit processing is mainly from recycling to processing.
What needs to be considered is how to recycle waste faster and more completely. If the vegetables are not collected in time, they will rot, but the more important thing is to deal with them.
As organic waste, a complete chain is required from the farmland to the enterprise then to the consumer.
The invention relates to an organic garbage disposal machine with an integrated configuration of a pulverizer and a press.
In the working production line, it is equipped with feeding conveyor, manual sorting platform, shredder, screw press dewatering machine, discharge conveyor, water pump, vibrating sieve, and electric control cabinet.
They are connected to form a total production lines.
After the materials are collected, fruit vegetable waste are transported to the manual picking platform by the conveyor.
After the workers pick out the impurities, the organic waste is transported to the shredder machine to be processed into small pieces.
The smasheded garbage is transported to the Dewatering screw press to be pressed and dehydrated.
The extruded water is collected and pumped away, and a sieve machine can be used to remove impurities and only retain water.
Dewatered waste is collected by conveyors and then composted or made into other products.