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How to process fruit vegetable waste

How to process fruit vegetable waste
Compared with livestock and poultry fertilizer, fruit and vegetable waste itself  is an organic fertilizer resource. If the technology is in place, the process of resource utilization will be faster.
Vegetable fruit organic waste do not contain other toxic substances except some vegetable tissues that suffer from diseases and insect pests, and most of them are valuable organic resources.
However, due to its high moisture content, high fiber content, stickiness, waxy layer on the surface, and low nutrient content, it is difficult to ferment completely by general treatment methods.
At present, there are three main types of vegetable organic waste:
1. For food processing, vegetable processing plants can extract some edible things with guaranteed quality.
2. Fertilize treatment, including compost treatment and compost treatment.
3. Feed disposal, the waste is made into vegetable powder, pellet feed, etc., which are used as feed for breeding insects and animals.
In order to solve this technical issue and at the same time facilitate the processing of waste materials, shredding and screw pressing dewatering technology will be used at this time.
This treatment technique is used in both composting and feed processing.
This is a complete processing technology and production chain, mainly connecting the shredder and the dewatering screw press to form an integrated domestic waste treatment unit. 
The waste vegetables and fruits are shred into small pieces after passing through the shredding machine, and then pressed and dehydrated by the press for further further processing. Such as compost fermentation and feed processing.