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The process of fruit vegetable waste dewatering machine

The process of fruit vegetable waste dewatering machine
This article aims to introduce the structure, working process and principle of the organic waste screw press dehydrator.
The shredding machine section includes a pair of hob cutters with serrated blades installed in the shredding box, respectively. The two groups of knifes are intermeshed and rotate in opposite directions at different speeds through the reduction motor and the transmission gear. As waste vegetables and fruits enter the shredding chamber, they are cut by the staggered gears, chopped, and then delivered to the press when they reach the desired small pieces.
The smashed organic waste is transported to the screw press dewatering machine for pressing and dewatering. The pressing part includes the screw shaft and the pressing box installed in the stainless steel screen. After the shred material enters the machine, it is continuously pushed by the screw shaft in the machine, and the water in it continuously flows out from the screen, and then flows out and is collected by the machine. The organic matter after extrusion and dehydration is discharged from the tail of the machine and collected for further processing.
The squeezed water is collected and pumped away, and impurities can be removed with a vibration sieve, leaving only the water. Dewatered waste is collected by conveyor belts and then composted or made into other products.
This invention has the advantages of simple structure, energy saving, strong processing ability and convenient maintenance, can fully remove the moisture in the organic garbage, reduce the volume of the garbage, facilitate the recycling and reuse of the garbage material, and save the transportation cost.