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Industrial Powder Mixer /ribbon Blender / Dry Powder Mixing Machine


Ribbon BlenderRibbon Blender


By U shape containers ,screw mixing blades and transmission with parts U shape of Chang Ti cylinder structure, to ensure the material is mixed (powder semifluid) in the cylinder body little resistance movement.The screw rotation and article in the same level installation axis , form a low power efficient mix enviroment , screw belt is made of leaves double or layer 3, outer spiral will material from the central to the side and conveying , can make the material in flow form more eddy current . To speed up the mixure of speed, increase the mixed uniformity

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Working principle 

The most effective design of ribbon layout is the double ribbon in which the outer ribbon moves the product in one direction and the inner ribbon moves it in the opposite direction.

The ribbons rotate and move materials both radially and laterally to insure thorough blends in short cycle times.

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1. Horizontal tank body, covers small area

2. Bearing is on both ends of the mixer, the material is not easy to enter, repair rate is low

3. Enclose the time-recorder and automatically control and mix time

4. Gear box drive the auger shaft, simple maintenance ,high efficiency,save both time and labour.

5. The machine can be designed to cool or heat the powder inside .

6. Under the bottom or the sides of the tank , there is a flap dome valve (pneumatic control or manual control) of the center. The valve is arc design to make sure no material deposit and no dead angle when mixing .