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CWYS -series Tumbler Screen


CWYS -series Tumbler Screen

1. Application field:

This equipment applicable for mining, grinding, construction,

cement, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, paper making, food & grain industry, etc. Remarkable screen precision on the platy & acicular material, also got the advantages of low rolling speed, low noise, Smooth operation and low equipment failure rate, etc

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company

2. working principle:

CWYS- series tumbler screen using the general motor as the vibration force, making the material In involute rocking movement on screen to reach the screening effort. The equipment got a working track of elliptic type, the shimmy adjustment on the eccentricity and tilt Angle, will change the trajectory of material on the screen.

3. Customer case:

1. A customer from Ecuador wants to screen black sugar

2. Mesh16mesh

3. Bulk density800kg/m3

4. Screen output :10ton/h

5. Machine materialAll 304 stainless steel(Food grade)

6. Voltage:460v 60hz 3phase

7. delivery way:FOB shenzhen

4.Recommended Technical model

Through the technical personnel to the customer screening black sugar, production, heap specific weight of the study, our technical personnel finally came to the conclusion that CWYS-2000 Tumbler Screen, to ensure the customer's production requirements

5.Technical parameters

CWYS -2000 series Tumbler Screen

1. Screen mesh aream2:2.89m2

2. Mesh                 :16mesh

3. Capacity kg/h          :1000-1500kg/h

4. Frequency(r/min)       :220-280

5. Voltage                :460v 60hz 3phase

6. Motor power           :4kw

7. 5.Machine material      All 304 stainless steel(Food grade)

6. Customer feedback

Tumbler Screen is of great help to our production, which can not only meet our production requirements, but also has perfect quality and workmanship. We like this machine very much. If we expand production in the future, we will continue to purchase this screening machine. Many thanks to Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Co., LTD for your help.

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company

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