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Ribbon mixer


1. Can ribbon mixer mix washing powder? Which industry is it mainly used in? Which industry do your customers belong to?


Can be used to mix washing powder, we have customers who are also in the washing powder industry.

Ribbon mixer is suitable for solid-solid (powder and powder) mixing, solid-liquid (powder and liquid) mixing and drying operations, and can also be used for reaction equipment.


Ribbon mixers are widely used in the mixing of powder and granules in various industries. They are used in chemicals, cosmetics, fine chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, metallurgy, mining, building materials, ceramics, refractories, dry powder mortar, food, feed, Powder, solid and liquid, solid and slurry mixing equipment for coatings, fibers, dyes and other materials can be continuously fed and discharged. Compared with other mixers, it has the characteristics of high mixing precision and fast mixing speed.

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2. What are the advantages of ribbon mixer?


(1) The mixing of materials under the drive of two layers of spiral belts has a unique effect, stable movement, low noise, long service life and other advantages;


(2) Fast mixing speed: The mixing time of general powder materials is about 10~15 minutes, generally not more than 30 minutes.


(3) Sealable operation, reliable rotation and convenient maintenance.


(4) This equipment can be equipped with a spray device, and the barrel is made into a jacket form.

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