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High Efficiency crusher

1.Application field:
CWHP- High-efficiency crusher is designed and developed by using the principle of mixed powder spraying method. It is widely used for crushing materials in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
2.working principle:
This machine is a high speed running machine. It adopts one side of the fast blade and the other side of the four-strike blade, so that the crushed materials can be crushed by cutting with the high speed rotating blade. The machine can also choose blades of different sizes according to different materials, and the particle size can be obtained by changing screen mesh.
The machine has a simply structure and is easy to be installed and dismantled and cleaned,with the features of stable running,moving
3.Customer case:
1.Crushing material: pepper, turmeric, moringa leaves
2.Grinding fineness:40-80mesh
3.Output kg/h:200kg/h
Because the length of pepper, turmeric and moringa leaves is > 10mm, the customer requires 40, 60, 80mesh,
The feed size of the high-efficiency grinder produced by our company is ≥50cm, which meets the requirements of customers. We recommend the use of 40, 60, 80mesh screen for turmeric and moringa leaves, and the use of 40, 60mesh screen for pepper, because pepper contains oil.
In this case, we recommend the use of the company's CWHP-32 high-efficiency crusher, which is equipped with 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh screen, can produce 200 kg-300 kg of spice powder per hour.
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