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Cryogenic grinder machine

Raw materials: cumin and coriander
Final material size :500-600micron
Capacity required: 800kg per hour
We recommend customers using Cryogenic Grinder CW-450
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1.How much is the loss of essential oils in this machine, if compared to any standard mill... suppose hammer mill..?
In the crushing process, at low temperature, the oil of the material is rarely lost, and the taste of the material will not change.
But when the temperature is too high, the oil of the material will volatilize at high temperature.
2.How does it control the flavour and aroma..?
The flavour and aroma of the material will not volatilize when it is cooled at low temperature.
The scent and aroma are derived from essential oils, the oil will not evaporate if the smell.
3.Do you have any data regarding how much oil is lost at low temperature compared to any conventional process..?
This data cannot be calculated because the oil hardly evaporates in a low temperature environment.
4.What are the features of this machine?
The use of liquid nitrogen as the grinding medium, can achieve ultra-low temperature grinding, can also achieve the material explosion-proof, anti-oxidation and other effects.
In addition, the machine has the advantages of small size, low loss, low energy consumption and simple operation
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