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ZJ-02K Weight testing machine

Application range: Mainly used in the detection of small and medium-sized and medium-weight products such as bottled, canned, boxed, and bagged products. It is especially suitable for products that are filled by spirals, measuring cups and other devices without being measured by electronic scales. It is widely used in food and medicine. , Beverages, daily chemicals, hardware, electronics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, seeds, tobacco, health care products and other industries.

TAG:   weight testing machine weight tester
Products Introduction

Elimination method:

★Push rod type: suitable for online rejection of regular-shaped packaging products such as boxes and bags.

★Rocker arm type: Suitable for online rejection of high volume products such as cans and bottles.

★Parking type: Suitable for adding or removing the scale manually after online detection.


Technical parameter for ZJ-02K Weight Tester

ZJ-02K Weight Tester

TAG:   weight testing machine weight tester
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