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Sealed Roots blower
Sealed Roots blower
Products Introduction
Selection of Blower:
Selection Steps: 
1.Purpose: Distinguish between blower and vacuum applications. 
2. Gas Properties: Air, gas, or other medium. 
3. Operating Conditions: Inlet temperature, inlet pressure, boost pressure (discharge pressure or vacuum level), flow rate, and requirements for discharge temperature and noise levels. 
4. Environmental Conditions: Installation location, local atmospheric pressure, average annual temperature, etc.
For determining flow rate, conversion can be done as described in this sample. When dealing with special media such as hydrogen, ammonia, mixed gases, etc., please contact our technical department for assistance.
Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company
(1) The fan inlet adopts spiral type way, when the impeller is rotating, the top cam is cut into the casing through the spiral line, forming a cavity that opens and closes in a sequential manner, thus the fan pulsation is reduced.
(2) The rotor adopts more advanced type line, its area utilization coefficient reaches 0.53, the volumetric efficiency is increased by 5%~8% when the pressure is 98kPa, and the noise is decreased by about 5dB(A).
(3) The rotors are all produced by precision CNC special equipment (CNC bi-directional curved surface planer) and inspected by three-coordinate measuring center, so there is no performance error between each turbine. The rotor section is tested by dynamic and static balance test before assembly, so the vibration of the fan is extremely small.
(4) Adoption of high-precision grinding gears reduces mechanical noise, and the precision of the gears is the grade 5 precision required by the national standard GB/T 10095-2008.
(5) The new fully enclosed oil tank and lubrication system ensures that the fan does not spray oil or leak oil, and puts an end to the on-site pollution brought about by the phenomenon of oil spraying and leaking of the old-style Roots fan.
(6) In cooperation with a Beijing acoustics research institute, the "echo corridor" structure is constructed on the wall panel. This structure not only helps the lubricating oil to dissipate heat, but also reduces the mechanical noise. In practice, this structure can effectively reduce noise by about 3-5dB(A).
(7) With the establishment and improvement of the company's quality management and production management system, we have realized the interchangeability of various parts of the fan. This reduces the production cost and shortens the supply period. The fan in general, there is an appropriate amount of inventory, can be realized the same day delivery.
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