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Screw Blowers
Screw Blowers
Products Introduction

Product Features

Smarter, lower energy consumption, lower noise, more stable Reliable.

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company

Working Principle
①Inhalation begins ②Inhalation ends, compression begins ③During compression ④Compression ends, exhaust begins
Screw Mainframe
Its proprietary rotor tooth shape and design, minimal machining clearance, high-precision assembly means and inspection methods under very short loads ensure the reliability of the unit.


Multi-specification customization
Expansive impedance composite silencer, small vibration, muffling effect is remarkable.
Auxiliary parts can be customized according to the needs of the site, eliminating waste and striving for the highest cost-effective.
Integrated sound enclosure
The equipment can be monitored in real time without opening the Cuimen.
The combination of super sound-absorbing materials and metal plates minimizes the noise of the unit.
Oil system
The advanced oil cooling system reduces the lubricant temperature and lengthens the service life of bearings and gears.
Intelligent Control System
Integrated blower control system.
Circular display of the overall system continued performance status, proactive alerts for maintenance and repair information faults and safety shutdown alarms.
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