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High Efficiency Blower
High Efficiency Blower
Products Introduction

Roots blower is a new product in the Roots blower series. Because of its high efficiency and energy saving, our company also called "high efficiency blower".

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company

Product Description:

The Roots blower stands out as a new addition to our series, renowned for its exceptional efficiency and energy-saving performance, earning it the moniker "high-efficiency blower". Leveraging CAD/CAM comprehensive design, precise CNC machining technology, and rigorous quality inspection, we ensure the manufacture of high-precision rotary, seals, gears, and other critical components. Our stringent spare parts procurement channels further guarantee the quality of auxiliary parts for the Ruoh blower.
1. Special Impeller Design: Engineered for reduced vibration, prolonging the service life of bearings, gears, and other transmission components.
Compact Design: The overall knot boasts a compact design with a high utilization rate of casing area size, resulting in minimal internal reflux leakage.
2. Easy Maintenance: Rational structure and layout facilitate convenient maintenance and repair procedures.
3. Stable Air Volume: Ensures consistent air volume with minimal impact on pressure variations.
4. Clean Exhaust: Guarantees clean, oil-free exhaust gas for enhanced environmental compatibility.
5. High-Precision Components: Incorporates high-precision bearings and gears for extended lifespan and reduced noise levels.
6. Oil Lubrication: Bearings are oil lubricated, promoting efficient heat dissipation and prolonged durability.
7. Computerized Dynamic Balance Correction: Delivers high precision and minimal vibration for optimal performance.
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