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Vertical outlet silencer type Roots vacuum pumps
Vertical outlet silencer type Roots vacuum pumps

Vertical outlet silencer type Roots vacuum pumps

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The rotor of the Roots vacuum pump features an advanced profile design with an impressive area utilization coefficient of 0.53. This enhancement results in a notable 5%~8% increase in volumetric efficiency at 98kPa, accompanied by a reduction of approximately 5dB(A) in noise levels.

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1. Spiral Inlet Design: The fan inlet adopts a spiral configuration, creating sequential cavities that open and close as the impeller rotates, effectively reducing fan pulsation.
2. Advanced Rotor Design: Utilizing an innovative profile with an area utilization coefficient of 0.53, the rotor enhances volumetric efficiency by 5%~8% at 98kPa pressure while reducing noise by approximately 5dB(A).
3. Precision Manufacturing: Rotors are meticulously crafted using precision CNC equipment and inspected by a three-coordinate measuring center to ensure consistent performance. Dynamic and static balance tests are conducted on rotor sections before assembly, resulting in minimal fan vibration.
4. High-Precision Grinding Gears: Adoption of high-precision grinding gears significantly reduces mechanical noise, meeting Grade 5 precision standards outlined in national standard GB/T 10095-2008.
5. Enclosed Oil Tank and Lubrication System: The new fully enclosed oil tank and lubrication system prevent oil spraying or leakage, eliminating on-site pollution associated with older Roots fan models.
6. Echo Corridor Structure: Developed in collaboration with a Beijing acoustics research institute, the "echo corridor" structure dissipates heat from lubricating oil while reducing mechanical noise by about 3-5dB(A).
7. Improved Parts Interchangeability: Enhanced quality and production management systems enable the interchangeability of various fan parts, reducing production costs and lead times. Adequate inventory ensures same-day delivery for efficient service.
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