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Air Suspended Blower
Air Suspended Blower
Products Introduction

The air suspension centrifugal blower represents cutting-edge high-efficiency and energy-saving technology in the realm of single high-speed centrifugal blowers. Leveraging core technology inspired by aircraft turbine engines, it has been meticulously optimized for civilian applications, ensuring user-friendly operation, repair, and maintenance.

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company

Product Features:
1. Exceptional Efficiency and Energy Savings: Outperforms traditional Roots blowers with a remarkable reduction in power consumption of over 30%.
2. Maintenance-Free Lubrication: Utilizes a 100% oil-free air-floating bearing system, eliminating the need for maintenance and replacement.
3. Simple Operation, Intelligent Control: Features an intelligent, user-friendly touch screen with 5 operation modes and 5 protection functions.
4. Minimal Noise and Vibration: Operates at noise levels below 80dB and with no vibration, promoting an eco-friendly environment without the need for foundation or foot bolts.
5. Highly Integrated, Easy Installation: Smartly designed with high integration, compact size, and lightweight construction for convenient installation.


6. Longevity and Reliability: Incorporates air suspension bearing technology for a semi-permanent lifespan of over 20 years, ensuring consistent efficiency throughout the entire life cycle.
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