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High Pressure Roots Fans
High Pressure Roots Fans
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Roots vacuum pumps featured in this catalog offer flexibility for customization. For special media like hydrogen, ammonia, gas mixtures, etc., our technical department collaborates with clients to determine suitable adaptations.

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company

1. The fan inlet features a spiral design, guiding the impeller's rotation to create sequential cavity openings and closures, effectively minimizing fan pulsation.

2. Employing advanced rotor designs with a utilization coefficient of 0.53, our pumps achieve a notable 5% to 8% increase in volumetric efficiency at 98kPa pressure, accompanied by a reduction of approximately 5dB(A) in noise levels.
3. Each rotor undergoes precision production using CNC equipment and meticulous inspection via three-coordinate measuring centers, ensuring uniform performance across all turbines. Dynamic and static balance tests further guarantee minimal fan vibration.
4. High-precision grinding gears significantly diminish mechanical noise, meeting the rigorous Grade 5 precision standards outlined in national standard GB/T 10095-2008.
5. Our new fully enclosed oil tank and lubrication system prevent oil spraying and leakage, eradicating on-site pollution concerns associated with older Roots fan models.
6. Collaboration with a Beijing acoustics research institute has led to the development of an innovative "echo corridor" structure on wall panels. This design not only aids in lubricating oil heat dissipation but also effectively reduces mechanical noise by approximately 3-5dB(A).
7. Through the implementation of a robust quality and production management system, we've achieved part interchangeability, reducing production costs and lead times. With ample inventory maintained, same-day delivery for our fans is readily achievable.
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