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Dust High Pressure Pneumatic Conveying System
Dust High Pressure Pneumatic Conveying System
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The dust high-pressure pneumatic conveying system stands as a cornerstone in material transportation, particularly for desulfurization and denitrification agents, magnesium oxide powder, grains, and rice husks. While pneumatic conveying is prevalent, mechanical conveyor belt systems offer superior sealing, minimizing material leakage and dust dispersion. Pneumatic conveying finds extensive applications in powder material transportation, material handling, and various pneumatic conveying scenarios, owing to its versatility and efficiency.

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The dust high-pressure pneumatic conveying system is engineered for efficient transportation of various materials including desulfurization and denitrification agents, magnesium oxide powder, grains, and rice husks. With a focus on quality and performance, this system features a compact footprint, unmanned operation, high automation, and optimal space utilization. Easy loading and unloading capabilities facilitate seamless material handling across industries including medicine, foundry, packaging plants, and construction.

Key Features:

1. Compact Design: Maximizes floor space utilization with minimal footprint.

2. Unmanned Operation: Automated control reduces labor requirements for enhanced efficiency.

3. High Automation: Seamlessly integrates automation for smooth system operation.

4. Versatile Usage: Suited for pneumatic conveying, powder material transportation, and material handling tasks.

5. Robust Construction: Engineered with top-quality materials and precise processing for durability.

6. Wide Industry Application: Ideal for diverse industries including medicine, foundry, packaging, and construction.

7. Effective Material Conveyance: Utilizes fluidization technology for high-quality material transportation.

8. Comprehensive Service: Offers robust pre-sale and after-sales support for seamless system implementation.

System Structure: Comprising essential components such as the discharge part, rotary feeder, air source part, and air intake part, the system ensures stable and efficient material conveyance.

Principle of Operation: Utilizing blowers like the Roots fan, the system propels materials through the conveying pipeline to the designated destination. Automatic control mechanisms separate materials from gas, ensuring precise conveyance.


  • Small footprint and unmanned operation enhance space utilization and reduce labor requirements.
  • High degree of automation simplifies operation and maintenance, ensuring smooth performance.
  • Flexibility in conveying direction allows for adaptable material transport.
  • Efficient material conveyance simplifies process equipment and enhances overall efficiency.

Selection Principle: Considerations include material characteristics, working environment, and specific conveying requirements to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Integration, applicability, and ease of operation and maintenance are pivotal in system design.

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