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Energy efficient Roots fan
Energy efficient Roots fan
Products Introduction
Roots blower stands out as an exemplary choice for high efficiency and energy conservation, earning recognition as one of the state's designated energy-saving products. Employing a volumetric running design, this blower utilizes a pair of intricately crafted involute waist-shaped blades to seamlessly convey gas through synchronous rotation. Notably, its flow rate remains consistent even amidst varying levels of air supply resistance.
Characterized by a robust degree of standardization in its parts and components, Roots blower boasts a rational structure that prioritizes efficiency and reliability. This standardization not only enhances performance but also simplifies the selection, installation, and maintenance processes for users. Additionally, the availability of readily accessible spare parts further underscores its convenience and practicality for users' ongoing needs.

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Roots blower boasts a host of exceptional features that set it apart in terms of performance, safety, and reliability. Its standout attributes include:
1. Impressive Gas Conveying Capacity: With a design optimized for large-scale gas conveyance, Roots blower ensures efficient operation even under demanding conditions.
2. Consistent Flow Rate: Remarkably stable flow rates are maintained even when adjusting pressure within a wide permissible range. This versatility, coupled with forced gas transmission capabilities, enhances operational flexibility.
3. Oil-Free Conveyance: Featuring a design that excludes oil from the conveying medium, blower offers simplicity, ease of maintenance, and operation. This oil-free setup contributes to its longevity, low vibration, and straightforward maintenance.
4. High Volumetric Efficiency: Thanks to its high rotational speed and minimal clearance between rotor and body, blower minimizes leakage and maximizes volumetric efficiency, ensuring optimal performance.
5. Reliable Lubrication System: Adopting a splash oil lubrication system with main and secondary oil tanks, the blower enhances lubrication reliability and extends bearing lifespan, ensuring prolonged and trouble-free operation.
Overall, Roots blower presents a compelling solution for applications requiring robust performance, longevity, and ease of maintenance.


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