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Customized Electromagnetic feeder
Customized Electromagnetic feeder

Customized Electromagnetic feeder


- Small volume, light weight

- Simple structure, less power consumption

- Stepless adjustable feed rate


Products Introduction

The electromagnetic feeder is applicable to products which is easy-broken, easy-separated and coated with flavouring, such as: baked food, snack food, potato chips, frozen food, peanut, confectionery that are with high requirement of convey system.No breakage of single machine. When comparing with common vibratory conveyor , the products’ breakage rate reduces about 50% and seasoning loss rate reduces 70%.Dynamic distributions of product at each convey point, multi-conveyor linkage for long distance  transportation, multi-conveyor synchronization and in-phase transmission.

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Main Features

1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation. 

2) This series of electromagnetic vibration feeder has the advantages of small volume, low noise, light weight, high working frequency, low power consumption, and can be used to realize automation of production process in automatic control process.

3) Stepless adjustment of feeding quantity can start frequently and run continuously under rated voltage and amplitude conditions, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.


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