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CWS-Screw type packaging scale
CWS-Screw type packaging scale

CWS-Screw type packaging scale

The CWS-1L screw type powder quantitative packaging machine is a new type of packaging equipment developed by taking advantage of the high precision of the weighing packaging machine and the fast speed of the constant volume packaging machine. The machine is widely used in pesticides, animal health products, food, additives, chemicals, etc. The industry's powder material bag (bottle) packaging.

Products Introduction

Performance characteristics:

-Reasonable design and simple structure.

-It has functions such as density tracking, weighing feedback, power-down memory, automatic error correction, counting, and out-of-tolerance alarm.

-Using photoelectric control technology, only manual bagging is required.

-Ensure the synchronization of blanking and sub-packaging, no leakage of materials, clean bag mouth, beautiful packaging bag, and reliable sealing.

-Optional automatic feeding device, convenient for users to use, realize automatic operation!

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