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DGS-2 six-head packing scale
DGS-2 six-head packing scale

DGS-2 six-head packing scale

DGS-2 six-head packing scale

Product features:

· Used for quantitative packaging of granule products such as washing powder, iodized salt and white granulated sugar


· Electronic scale metering, vibration feeding, amplitude continuously adjustable.


· Mainly functions as supporting weighing unit of automatic packaging equipment such as bag making machine and bag feeding machine.


·60000 bit weighing resolution, 0.1 gram display resolution.


· Touch screen operation display, intuitive and easy to understand, containing help information.


· Few built-in adjustable parameters, foolproof operation design.


· Ten groups of packaging parameters can be stored to facilitate the replacement of packaging specifications.

Products Introduction

Functional :


DGS six head weighing machine, is the organic combination of computer scale and feeder, with automatic feeding, automatic weighing, automatic zero clearing, automatic accumulation, out of tolerance alarm and other functions, simple operation, easy to use, reliable performance, durable, service life of more than 10 years.


Widely used in quantitative packaging of washing powder, iodized salt, corn, wheat, rice, sugar and other granular products.

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