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DGS-50 Quantitative packaging scale
DGS-50 Quantitative packaging scale

DGS-50 Quantitative packaging scale

Main feature:
1.There is no weighing hopper, and the materials are directly measured in the packaging bag
2.The large feed is self-flowing, and the small feed is vibrating, and the amplitude is continuously adjustable
3.The bag opening is pneumatic clamping device
4.Optional automatic dust removal device
5.Contains statistical information such as the total number of bags, total weight, average value, and pass rate
6.The conveyor can be equipped with a hand-operated lifting bracket
7.Sewing machine can be equipped with automatic type
8.The service life is more than 10 years

TAG:   Quantitative packaging
Products Introduction
Function use:
The DGS weighing and packaging production line is composed of feeding machines, packaging scales, conveyors, sewing machines and other equipment. It is mainly used for quantitative packaging of grain, seeds, compound fertilizers and other granular products. It has functions such as automatic feeding, automatic weighing, automatic zero reset, automatic accumulation, and out-of-tolerance alarm, manual bagging, induction discharge, simple operation, convenient use, reliable performance, and durability.
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TAG:   Quantitative packaging
Weighing range (kg) 10-50
Single scale error (g) ≤±40
Packing speed (b/min) 8-4
Display scale (g) 2
Power supply (V/Hz) customizable
Whole machine weight (kg) 250
Dimensions (mm) 4500×1400×3180
Application range:
Quantitative packaging of grains, fertilizers, seeds, rice, cat litter, dog food and other granular materials with good fluidity.

TAG:   Quantitative packaging
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