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CW automatic popcorn pouch candy pet dog food snack cup powder packaging machine


All the works of bag making,measuring,filling,sealing,cutting and counting can be done automatically,at the same time,

it can also according to the demand of customers printing batch number and other functions.

Technical characteristics:     

1. English and Chinese screen display ,operation is simple .

2. PLC computer system , function is more stable , adjustment any parameters not need stop machine.
3. It can stock ten dispose , simple to change variety.
4. Sever motor drawing film , position accurately.
5. Temperature independent control system ,precision get to±1°C.
6. Horizontal , vertical temperature control ,suitable for various of mix film , PE film packing material.
7. Packing type diversification , pillow sealing, standing type ,punching etc.
8. Bag–making , sealing, packing, print date in one operation.
9. Work circumstance quiet, low noise.








Products Introduction

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company

Packing material:

BOPP/Polyethylene, Aluminium/Polyethylene, Paper/Polyethylene, Polyester/Aluminizer/Polyethylene, Nylon/CPP and so on.For this machine, if you have any questions, please contact us
Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company
Machine Show:

1. The material contact part is stainless steel, which has passed the GMP standard.

2. English screen display, simple operation

3. The bag is made with precision technology, and the error is less than 0.5 μ m

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery CompanyXinxiang Chenwei Machinery CompanyXinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company



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