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Full Automatic Packing Machines
Full Automatic Packing Machines
Products Introduction
Packing Machine Paramenters
Machine Model DXD420 DXD520 DXD720 DXD820 DXD1000
Film width(mm) 170-420 200-520 240-720 240-820 320-1050
Bag length(mm) 100-300 100-400 100-500 100-500 150-550
Packing speed(b/min) 15-80 10-70 5-50 5-50 1-25
Voltage and Frequency V/Hz 220/50 220/50 220/50 220/50 220/50
Motor Power(KW) 3 3 3.5 4 4.5
Compress air(Mpa) 0.65 0.65 0.65 0.65 0.65
Machine weight 450 500 800 800 900
Machine dimension 1370*1050*1350 1500*1180*1700 1800*1360*2000 1800*1300*2150 2060*1500*2700
Multi-heads Weighter Paramenters
Model Measure Number Hopper Volume Combination capacity Each hopper error Voltage and Frequency V/Hz Power(KW)
JY-10 10 1.6/2.5/3.0L 3000ml Max 1000g 220V/50Hz 2KW
JY-14 14 1.6/2.5/3.0L 3000ml Max 1000g 220V/50Hz 2KW


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