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Small standard testing sifter machine flexible lab sieve


Pruduct description

Vibration test sieving machinery is a high precision instrument and widely used in laboratories,quality inspection and other inspection departments. It can grade  powder and granule, and filtering fluid in laboratories and testing rooms.The other feature is used for detection of particle size distribution of granular materials, products or content of impurities and the content of solid materials in the liquid.to ensure consistency of sample analysis data, and make accurate judgement of product quality.

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company

Working principle

We adopt the new power generator to produce multiple high frequency vibration by which

 makes efficient screening and determination to raw material. According to different materials

 features, The customer can set different working hours by the timer ,so the test error rate is 

reduced to the lowest level , to ensure the consistency analysis of data samples, making accurate judgement on the quality of the products.

Xinxiang Chenwei Machinery Company


1.High efficiency and high precision

2.stable vibration performance

3.Tight Structure and low noise

4.Simple for operation and maintenance

5.Easy to clean and long using life

6.Wide application