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CWUP Series Assembly pulse Collection Crusher


CWUP Series Assembly pulse Collection Crusher

1.Application field:

This machine is mainly used for chemical industry, medicine (traditional Chinese medicine), food, spice, resin powder, coating powder and other weak electric substances and high temperature resistant substances, is a new generation of crushing and dust as one of the crushing equipment.

2. working principle:

This machine is a pulse cyclone type crusher, equipment using a high-speed rotating knife, fixed knife impact, shear and grinding, crushing effect is good, not only and crushing time of the suction fan negative pressure chamber of the strong air flow, crushing chamber heat and finished products together from the screen, crushing fineness can be changed to determine the screen. The crushed material is automatically eliminated by the cyclone separator under the negative pressure of the fan, and the dust is filtered and recovered by the pulse vacuum box through the cloth bag. The machine conforms to the "GMP" standard, and the whole machine is made of stainless steel, which has no dust flying in the production process and improves the crushing efficiency, which has reached the international advanced level at present

3. Customer case:

1. Crushing material: pepper Star anise, fennel

2. Grinding fineness:60-100mesh

3. Output kg/h:200-300kg/h

The client's purpose is to crush pepper into 60mesh powder, star anise into 80mesh powder and fennel vermicelle into 100mesh powder, which are used as spices.

For this very common case, we recommend our clients to use our CWUP-50Series Assembly Pulse Collection Crusher.


Technical parameters

Production capacity(kg/h)  200-500kg

This model meets the customer's requirements, so we recommend the grinding machine to complete the customer's production purpose.This machine provides one year warranty after sale service, lifetime consultation service.


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